Long range protection

When it comes to theft in sand and gravel pits, criminals know no bounds. Burglars steal almost anything that can be made into money on the black market: power cables and fuels, engines and special equipment and even entire office containers. With our surveillance, any sort of theft can be prevented.

Easy access to extensive areas may seem tempting to criminals. However, with BauWatch’s monitoring solutions, thieves and unauthorised vehicles on the site are immediately detected. Theft, destruction and accidents in gravel and sand pits as well as in quarries and quarry lakes are therefore diminished. 

Guarding gravel and sand pits is a challenge. The areas are usually too extensive to fence in the entire site. BauWatch’s video surveillance systems are an effective solution for reliably securing open areas – without interruption to your work. The cameras on our video surveillance towers have a detection area of up to 400 metres per unit (depending on the product you choose) and pick up on all incidents during the specified monitoring period, even at night!

Our surveillance solutions have the option of a self-sufficient energy supply, so that they can be positioned wherever you desire and work without the need of power. This is particularly advantageous for securing remote areas where it is not possible to use an on-site mains connection.



Guarding sand and gravel pits