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Construction sites

Safeguarding your construction progress

A number of factors come together on construction sites. Tools, machines, building materials and most importantly – time. BauWatch protects all this with our reliable security solutions.

Theft and vandalism are not just a nuisance, they cause damage that often exceeds the value of the stolen or destroyed material. Insurance premiums can rise, operations on the construction site are disrupted and in the worst case, even stopped. This can have a negative impact on profitability and image.

Our security solutions put a stop to these worries. Our video surveillance systems can be set up to have every corner of a construction site in view. If the intelligent system detects a possible danger, the images are sent to the control centre, which is manned around the clock. There, our experienced team assess whether it is a threat, and can address unauthorised persons directly via the integrated loudspeakers of our towers. The control centre also alerts your security providers and police. Criminals often leave the site before it even results in any sort of crime.

To be as effective as possible, we adjust our security solutions for each project. The time periods for when our towers turn on can be chosen by you, and we have a variety of different products so that every site is monitored no matter what setbacks you may face. Our goal is always maximum protection and saving time and money for our customers.

BauWatch have created a short checklist to help you figure out how at risk your site is. Click the button below to find out what steps you could take to ensure your site is as secure as possible. 

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