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Vacant Properties

Preventing theft and accidents

Vacant and derelict industrial sites – Criminals see them as an invitation to steal, young people as an exciting adventure playground. Here at BauWatch we offer protection for sites which don’t get worked on everyday.

Criminals often go on a thieving spree in empty buildings or unused commercial premises because they feel unobserved. BauWatch stops unauthorised access in such places, and gives site managers peace of mind. 

Thanks to our video surveillance, unauthorised persons are quickly detected and stopped. We spot intruders, address them via loudspeakers and then call security and the police – it’s our unbroken chain of action!

Children and young people also enter vacant sites. This is not only undesirable, but dangerous too. With our safety solutions, they are quickly noticed and addressed – and accidents are therefore stopped.

We believe in prevention. Often our environmentally conscious green light is all that’s needed to deter unauthorised persons and prevent them from entering the monitored location.

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