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Vacant Property CCTV

Our temporary CCTV solutions help to protect and deter empty buildings from unauthorised access

Vacant property can become a target for criminals and trespassers, causing project delays and extra costs.

Our vacant property service looks to manage every aspect of protecting the building. From deterring intruders, to rapidly responding to any unauthorised attempt at access, we work swiftly to secure your site.

We believe visual deterrence is an important first step in securing a property, which is why we designed some of our Vacant Property CCTV Towers to stand over 6m tall with bold, bright colours to further draw attention to them. Our GreenLight Tower has an additional benefit of blanketing your site in a green glow at night to further deter any prospective intruder.

If an intrusion attempt is made on the building, we’re able to react in a number of different ways. Our security cameras have in-built AI that detects any physical movements on your site and alerts our highly-trained team to respond.

Because our Towers are fitted with speakers, we’re able to immediately challenge the intruder audibly allowing us to deter or distract them from their objective within seconds of detection.

At the same time, our team will also look to quickly get a physical presence on the site, calling in a security team or the Police to confront the intruder and significantly minimise any disruption to the property.

For further peace of mind, our BauWatch Live app will allow you to view your building’s live feed 24/7 from your phone or PC, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge your site is protected day and night.

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Popular Vacant Property CCTV Solutions

GreenLight CCTV
GreenLight CCTV

A highly visible and efficient on-site deterrent: HD cameras, green floodlights, speaker for live spoken challenge and 24/7 monitoring. GreenLight CCTV

BauWatch Solar
BauWatch Solar

No power connection? No problem. BauWatch solar is completely self-sufficient, so it works off-grid. BauWatch Solar


Perfect protection for ‘hard to see’ security breaches Brighteyez

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Our empty building CCTV service can be installed within 48 hours of contact, enabling businesses of all sizes to fully secure their property.

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