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Self-Sufficient Monitoring

Solutions with their own energy source

BauWatch monitors projects of all kinds. It is not always possible to rely on an on-site power connection. In this case, BauWatch offers solutions that function autonomously and provide not just security, but also electricity.

There are many examples of places in need of monitoring with a lack of power. Many solutions are offered by BauWatch to combat this issue. If the electricity our cameras need is not available on site, we simply bring it along. This means effective monitoring is always possible – no matter where you are.

If there is a need for self-sufficient, short-term surveillance, BauWatch has the appropriate solutions and products ready. First, we have our Thermal tower, fit with the latest thermal imaging technology, most suited for larger scale projects due to its detection range of up to 400 metres. We also offer a CO2-neutral Solar tower which has the ability to run standalone for 6 months due to its combined usage of 3 solar panels and a fuel cell. This way, you can monitor your site even in bad weather!

The BauWatch team are happy to figure out what will work best for you and your project. Call us today to speak to one of our advisors free of charge and without obligation.


Monitoring protection without power 


Products for this solution

BauWatch Solar
BauWatch Solar

No power connection? No problem. BauWatch solar is a self-sufficient, so it works off-grid! BauWatch Solar

BauWatch Thermal
BauWatch Thermal

BauWatch Thermal uses highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras to ensure that problems at site are detected even in complete darkness. BauWatch Thermal